Washington Park Arboretum Wedding

Washington Park Arboretum Wedding

Washington Park Arboretum wedding at the Graham Visitor’s Center

Washington Park Arboretum wedding venue has always been one of my favorite places to photograph. It, obviously, has beautiful trees as well as meadows, swamps and Lake Washington. There is also a very cool bit of the Park that looks kind of post-apocalyptic.


The Graham Visitor Center at Washington Park Arboretum.washington-park-arboretum-wedding-002 washington-park-arboretum-wedding-003 washington-park-arboretum-wedding-004

Bride walking to see her Graham Visitor Center at her Washington Park Arboretum wedding.washington-park-arboretum-wedding-005 washington-park-arboretum-wedding-006

Bride seeing the groom for the first time.washington-park-arboretum-wedding-007 washington-park-arboretum-wedding-008

Outdoor ceremony area at Graham Visitor Center wedding.washington-park-arboretum-wedding-009

First kiss.washington-park-arboretum-wedding-010 washington-park-arboretum-wedding-011

Wedding portrait at the Washington Park Arboretum.washington-park-arboretum-wedding-012 washington-park-arboretum-wedding-013 washington-park-arboretum-wedding-014


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