SODO Park Wedding

SODO Park Wedding

Gallery of a SODO park wedding at one of the coolest, most unique wedding venues in Seattle. I love photographing weddings there with the old warehouse look.


The warehouse look of SODO Park is a interesting contrast to the beauty in a wedding.

Couple seeing each other for the first time before their wedding at SODO Park.sodo-park-wedding-003

Bride and groom portrait in the alley behind SODO Park wedding venue in Seattle.sodo-park-wedding-004

SODO Park is very close to West Seattle – just over the bridge. Here are some portraits from a park near Alki.sodo-park-wedding-005 sodo-park-wedding-006 sodo-park-wedding-007 sodo-park-wedding-008 sodo-park-wedding-009 sodo-park-wedding-010 sodo-park-wedding-011

Wedding ceremony at SODO Park in Seattle.sodo-park-wedding-012 sodo-park-wedding-013 sodo-park-wedding-014 sodo-park-wedding-015 sodo-park-wedding-016 sodo-park-wedding-017

First dance at SODO Park in Seattle.sodo-park-wedding-018 sodo-park-wedding-019


Willows Lodge Wedding


Hall at Fauntleroy Wedding


Cory Parris is a wedding photographer in Seattle. He also shoots all kinds of portraits including corporate headshots, executive portraits, senior pictures and basically anything with a person in it!